For the last ten years of my photography business, I've been solely a digital photographer.  I absolutely love digital, but I've also always had such a huge passion and appreciation for the timeless, romantic beauty that film delivers.  Even when looking for our wedding photographer I knew I wanted a film photographer and we are beyond lucky that we had KT Merry document our big day, which lead my obsession to film to grow even ten times more. I've been shooting film on and off the last few years but in order to feel comfortable as a hybrid photographer (shooting both film and digital), I felt there is always room to grow and a lot more to learn!  

Then, I met Melanie Osorio at a shoot downtown LA and I just loooved her work.  I asked her if she'd be interested in doing a little one-on-one film photo sesh with me to answer any questions I still had about film.  I really wanted to dive into film full throttle and knew this was the best way to do it, so I was ecstatic when she said yes. She set up this stunning engagement sesh at El Matador Beach in Malibu and we shot straight film for the last few hours of sunlight, all while answering any questions I still had about film.  Melanie suggested I only bring my Mamiya so as hard as it was - this was my first session with ZERO DIGITAL IMAGES!  I usually shoot both digital and film so I was completely out of my comfort zone but I am SO happy I allowed myself to focus on just film because I gained so much knowledge, experience and so much inspiration to keep shooting film. The result was just magical and I am SO excited to share these images! Thank you, Melanie for your friendship and mentoring! Shot with Mamiya 645 AFD ii and Fuji400H, scans by Photovision.